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A prenuptial agreement (or prenup) is a legal contract that defines property rights and distribution of a married couples assets in the event that one spouse dies or that the couple divorces. Prenup agreements are entered before the marriage begins. A postnuptial agreement (or postnup) serves the same purpose, but is entered after the marriage begins. Without a prenup or postnup, property acquired during the marriage will be subject to the state’s equitable distribution laws. Attorney Dynah is an experienced family lawyer who helps couples create prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in Wayne County, MI and the surrounding areas.  

Why Do You Need a Prenuptial Lawyer?

One of the biggest issues in most divorces is deciding how to divide money and physical property. Having a valid prenuptial agreement can avoid disputes related to property division by defining the terms long before divorce is even on the table. In many cases, the couple will create their own prenup and then each party will hire their own attorney to review it. A prenuptial agreement lawyer can help you ensure that your interests are protected and your needs are met in the agreement before you sign. Prenups are common when one spouse has children from a previous marriage and they want to ensure that their separate property goes to their own children. However, anyone who has acquired assets before marriage that they want to protect can benefit from creating a prenuptial agreement.  

Get Professional Assistance From a Postnup Lawyer

If you did not create a prenuptial agreement before entering your marriage, you can still create a postnuptial agreement. Contact Artisan Legal Services, PLLC today to get an experienced lawyer’s assistance with your prenup or postnup 


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