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Near Oakland County, MI and the Surrounding Areas

No couple expects their marriage to end in divorce, and when it happens it can be one of the most stressful and emotionally distressing times in a person’s life. It’s hard to keep a level head and make sound decisions during this time, and the terms of your divorce will have a long-lasting impact on your finances and your relationship with your children. If you need a divorce lawyer to advise you throughout the process, ensure your interests are protected, and represent you in the event of a dispute, contact Artisan Legal Services, PLLC today. Attorney Dynah helps couples reach mutual agreements and file paperwork for uncontested divorce. She also represents clients in contested divorce litigation. 

How Can a Divorce Attorney Assist You in the Process?

  • Help you and your spouse decide on property division issues 
  • Help you determine a custody, visitation, and child support arrangement that works in the best interest of your children 
  • Determine whether or not alimony is appropriate, and if so, the appropriate amount  
  • Work to negotiate disputes as they arise 
  • Represent you aggressively in court if an agreement can’t be reached in mediation  

We Help Couples Settle On Cost-Effective Resolutions Via Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce occurs when both parties agree on all terms of the divorce. Filing an uncontested divorce is typically the simplest, fastest, and most affordable way to end your marriage. It’s also more private because your divorce case won’t go to court. It’s still a complicated process that generally requires the assistance of a divorce lawyer to complete efficiently. If you want professional assistance laying out and finalizing the terms of your uncontested divorce, contact Artisan Legal Services, PLLC today!  


Attorney Dynah advises and represents clients in the following Michigan counties:  


  • Wayne County, MI 
  • Oakland County, MI 
  • Macomb County, MI 
  • Washtenaw County, MI 
  • Eaton County, MI
  • Wayne, MI
  • Oakland, MI
  • Macomb, MI
  • Monroe, MI
  • Livingston, MI
  • Eaton, MI
  • Ingham, MI
  • Jackson, MI
  • Washtenaw, MI