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Allow Our Dearborn Divorce Attorney to Guide You Through a Seamless Michigan Divorce Process

Navigating through your Michigan divorce can be a complex and emotionally taxing journey. The process varies significantly depending on individual circumstances, such as whether it’s a contested or uncontested divorce, the presence of children, and the division of assets. Each of these factors can greatly influence the duration and cost of the proceedings.

Our experienced Dearborn divorce attorney understands that your time and financial resources are precious. That’s why we’re committed to providing clear guidance and support every step of the way, ensuring a seamless process that minimizes stress and its financial impact while maximizing efficiency.

Initiating the Divorce Process in Michigan

The process to legally end a marriage in Michigan starts when a spouse submits a divorce petition to a local County Circuit Court. This action can only be taken if at least one spouse has been a Michigan resident for six months and lived in a county for at least ten days.

Following the filing, it’s necessary to inform the other spouse, typically done via certified mail or direct delivery by a sheriff’s deputy. Upon notification, the other spouse has 21 days to provide a formal answer. If they fail to do so, the court may proceed with a default judgment, allowing the divorce to conclude swiftly as decisions are made without further input from the non-responsive party.

How Long Does a Typical Michigan Divorce Take?

The timeline for finalizing a divorce varies considerably, especially when children are involved. The presence of minors often extends the duration of the process. Additionally, the type of divorce—uncontested versus contested—also influences the timeframe.

Typically, there’s a mandatory six-month period for deliberation starting from the initial complaint filing to when the court may issue a divorce decree. This interval allows both parties sufficient opportunity to discuss and settle matters concerning the welfare of the children and financial support.

Your time, money, and energy are all important resources that our Dearborn attorney will use wisely when filing for a divorce. If you are searching for “top divorce lawyers near me,” contact Artisan Legal Services, PLLC today to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with our divorce lawyer. Let our experienced Dearborn divorce lawyer handle the legal intricacies that will allow you to focus on moving forward with a new chapter in life.

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Our Premier Divorce Attorney Handles All Types of Divorce Cases from Simple to Highly Complex

Contested Divorce

Contested divorces occur when spouses cannot agree on one or more key issues, such as asset division, child custody, support, or alimony, necessitating court intervention. These cases often involve a discovery process, motions, and potentially a trial. Our skilled divorce attorney is prepared to advocate tirelessly on your behalf, leveraging extensive litigation experience to represent your interests effectively in court. We aim to navigate the complexities of contested proceedings with strategic legal action and dedicated support, ensuring your voice is heard and your rights are protected throughout the divorce process.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is the most straightforward dissolution of marriage where both parties reach an agreement on all critical issues without litigation. This process involves drafting a marital settlement agreement that outlines the division of assets, alimony, child support, and custody arrangements. Our divorce lawyer effectively facilitates negotiations to ensure a fair and equitable resolution, streamlining the process to avoid unnecessary court appearances, thereby saving time and reducing legal fees.

High-asset Divorce

Our Dearborn divorce attorney is exceptionally skilled or highly skilled in high-asset divorces that involve complex financial portfolios, including business ownership, real estate holdings, stock options, retirement accounts, and other substantial investments. We understand the intricacies of valuing diverse assets and consult with forensic accountants, when necessary, to ensure accurate appraisals. Our strategic legal counsel aims to protect your financial interests while striving for an equitable division of property that reflects your contributions to the marital estate.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial legal process designed for couples who wish to dissolve their marriage respectfully and privately. It encourages cooperative problem-solving with the assistance of a multidisciplinary team including a collaborative divorce attorney, neutral financial specialists, and child custody coaches. This approach fosters open communication and shared decision-making, with a commitment to reaching a mutually beneficial settlement without court intervention. The role of our divorce lawyer is to provide compassionate guidance while safeguarding your rights throughout this collaborative process.


Why Should You Hire Our Top Divorce Lawyer at Artisan Legal Services, PLLC?

At Artisan Legal Services, PLLC, we understand the emotional toll you’re experiencing. That’s why our top divorce lawyer is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the divorce process providing you with the necessary support and legal advice that is tailored to your best interests. 

Complex Michigan Family Law Made Clear

Navigating the complexities of Michigan family and divorce law can be overwhelming. From equitably dividing marital assets to negotiating child custody arrangements, each decision carries significant consequences. Our seasoned Dearborn divorce lawyer brings clarity and strategic insight to these intricate matters, ensuring your rights and interests are protected.

Tailored Strategies to Meet Your Needs

Settling out of court or advocating for you in trial, our Dearborn divorce attorney’s approach is always tailored to your unique situation. We work towards minimizing stress and uncertainty by providing steadfast support and clear communication with the intent of empowering you with confidence as we work together toward an outcome that honors your needs and those of your children.

Legal Partner Trusted by Michigan Families for Over a Decade

Choosing the right divorce attorney is one of the most important decisions you will ever make—a statement many of our former clients can attest to. With Artisan Legal Services, PLLC, you're not just hiring a divorce attorney; you're partnering with a team that highly values integrity and credibility. We cover 15 counties in Lower Michigan, which means our Dearborn divorce attorney is available to safeguard your legal and parental rights while you focus on moving forward to a new chapter in life.

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