Alimony Lawyer Near Oakland County, MI

Alimony Lawyer Near Oakland County, MI and the Surrounding Areas

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When one spouse relies on the other financially during their marriage, they may be entitled to receive alimony (or spousal maintenance/spousal support) for a specified period of time after the couple divorces. Alimony is intended to help the dependent spouse adjust to having to provide for themselves financially without facing hardship and losing the standard of living they became accustomed to during the marriage. There are many factors that courts consider when deciding whether or not to grant alimony and determining the amount. At Artisan Legal Services, PLLC you can work with an experienced family lawyer to help you establish, enforce, or modify an alimony agreement. We assist clients in Oakland County, MI and the surrounding areas.  

How Do You Determine the Proper Alimony Payment Amount?

Courts take a number of factors into consideration when it comes to determining the appropriate alimony payment amount. These factors include:  


  • The length of the marriage 
  • Each spouse’s income 
  • Each spouse’s earning potential  
  • The income-earning potential of assets awarded in property division 
  • The financial needs of each party  
  • Past conduct of each party (adultery, abuse, etc.)  

Get Professional Assistance and Representation in a Spousal Maintenance Related Matter

Contact Artisan Legal Services, PLLC today to speak with a lawyer about your alimony situation. Attorney Dynah will help you understand your situation and the laws that affect it so that you can make the right decisions and get the outcome you deserve.  


Attorney Dynah advises and represents clients in the following Michigan counties:  


  • Wayne County, MI 
  • Oakland County, MI 
  • Macomb County, MI 
  • Washtenaw County, MI 
  • Eaton County, MI
  • Wayne, MI
  • Oakland, MI
  • Macomb, MI
  • Monroe, MI
  • Livingston, MI
  • Eaton, MI
  • Ingham, MI
  • Jackson, MI
  • Washtenaw, MI

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